Back to Reality

We had a wonderful day at the temple yesterday.  I loved seeing so many friends there sharing a day dedicated to the Lord.

Today we are back to reality.

The two youngest are now out of school and want to spend all their time reading or on the computer.
The oldest is still working at the Capitol and hoping to find a job in Arizonia via the internet so he can move before he starts his 5 year stint of law school/phd program.
And the forgotten middle child has not one but TWO fabulous internships in wonderful San Francisco.  She leaves in three days and still needs to move out of her apartment and bring all of her things home.
Add to this that I need to repair a sweater for my sister so that my daughter can deliver the sweater to my sister when she goes to SF, we have not one but two wedding receptions Friday and an 80th birthday party on Saturday.  Not to mention that I have projects to finish for Whimsy Cottage before the Wasatch Front Shop Hop next week and my house needs the usual cleaning.  Did I mention that the kids want to do their own thing and not help Mom clean?  Like I said - back to reality!


Anneliese said…
Wow! You are a busy woman! What are the internships that Barbra got? I'm also amazed that the girls don't want to help you clean up around the house. I mean really, isn't cleaning the most fun thing in the world? : )

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