Feelin' Blue. . .and Amethyst

Last week I decided it was time to finally dye the dress and shirt I purchased from Dharma Trading last summer. I thought my girls would enjoy dying them with me but it turned out that only one wanted to participate. Typical. However it wasn't typical as to which girl wanted to participate. They like to keep me on my toes.
So, the dress looked like this to start with:

And after a little color
It looks like this

I'm thinking I might dye it again and give it more color.  My daughter, however, was pretty happy with it as is!
The hooded t-shirt started out like this:

and after a lot of dye

It looks beautiful! 
But you will have to take my word for it because my daughter loved it so much she took it to camp with her before I got a photo.
I also gave freezer paper resist and shibori a try.  I will have to do another post once I have photos of the finished products.


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