Moving to Vernal

This sturdy, beautiful playground has served us well through our four active, growing children and all their friends over the past 10 years, but lately, to be honest, she has been very lonely.
I don't blame her for her decision but I will miss her.
Today she packed her bolts. . .

. . .and with a few helping hands. . .

. . . she has moved to Vernal.
Farewell Ms. Playground!  We will miss you!
Take care and have fun with the kids.
We'll always have Paris.
Oops - we never made it to Paris - you know what I mean!


Emma C said…
No mom! WHY?!?! I am gonna miss that playground! :'( WHHHHYYYY?!?!?!
Jane Babcock said…
Playgrounds are a pass a long thing.
Nicole said…
Wow, it can be so hard to let go of those things! You are all so brave. It sounds like it will make some other children very happy though!
Alan said…
The title of your post scared me when it popped up in my RSS reader.

Glad to see it's just the playground and not the Chins that are relocating!

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