My sister's friend, Damien, loved animals.  This is his dog, Wes.
He's a ball obsessed, barking sweetheart.
Damien loved to spend time at the San Francisco SPCA.
(SF/SPCA website photo)
In December of 2008, Damien's depression became too much for him to bear and he took his life.  My sister was devastated.  She needed a place to direct her sorrow and remember her friend.  After much fund raising and work by my sister and a few friends they raised $10,000 to donate to the San Francisco SPCA in Damien's memory. While we were in SF my sister took us to the SPCA to see the bench which had been dedicated in his honor and to show us how all the money was going to help.  It was a wonderful experience.

The SF/SPCA is a gorgeous new building with a wonderful non-profit animal hospital and adoption center.  We saw lots of adorable animals and had to restrain ourselves from taking a few home.  My sister was offered a job as a tour director she was doing such a great job telling us about the place.  I wish I had taken more pictures but I was so enamored with the animals and in awe of the building that I forgot all about the camera.  I don't think any of us will forget the experience.


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