I think this post is long enough to make up for yesterday when I forgot to post.
My friend, who happens to be my neighbor, just called and during the conversation she said that she never sees me anymore.  It's true - I'm a homebody.  I prefer staying at home these days.  But once in a while I literally drag myself out of the house and go somewhere fun like to last night's quilt meeting.  My face hurt from smiling so much.  I guess those are just another of the muscles I don't exercise enough. 
The meeting reminded me that I am truly grateful for my friends and the times I get to spend with them.  I'm also grateful the Internet has allowed me to keep in touch with them in ways I wouldn't get to otherwise.  I've stolen a few photos from the Internet so that I can share a few of the wonderful people I know and love. (These are in no particular order other than by groups and the photos are certainly not all inclusive because there were some people I just couldn't find photos of.)

The friend I've had since grade school:
 The friend I've had since middle school:
The friends I've had since high school:

The friend I've had since college:

Friends I met in Jamaica (I married one of them):
Friends I met while living in Student Housing:

Friends I've met at church in our current neighborhood (and the children of those friends who have also befriended me)

The friends I've met through my quilt guild:

The friends I've made at work:

My best friend, aka my husband, and friends who are also my neighbors and as close as family:
And my other best friend,aka my sister, and her friends that she has allowed me to share:
And then of course there are the other family members that I consider my friends, but that is a post for another day.  I am blessed.


Jane Babcock said…
I am grateful for your friendliness.
Jennilyn said…
Wow! I love your friend pictures! (Is that JN with married daughter???) THANKS for being my friend!

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