The One that Got Away

Here is my completed Quilter's Holladay Challenge Quilt.
It all started with the fish.
I read an article in Quilting Arts Magazine about how to make the fish.
I loved him so much I built him a lake from hand dyed cotton and silk organza.
I saw an image of an Owl on someone's blog and decided I needed an owl in a tree next to Mr. Fish's lake. The quilt was taking on many surreal qualities with the curly-q tree branches and stars in the sky and soon it all became "the one who got away" from Mr. Fisherman while he dreamed.
There is a small dragonfly sparkly button above Mr. Fish but it's difficult to see this far away.
This photo is a little blurry and out of color but I think it helps a little with the details.
The only prize I won in this year's challenge was the opportunity to stretch my skills and build an art quilt that I love.  Not a bad prize at all.


Sylvia said…
I love this piece! Make sure to enter it at Springville and at QF!
Jane Babcock said…
This is a Caribbean fish and quilt for sure.
Jennilyn said…
Beautiful fish! Nicely done!

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