Swedish Cardamom Bread

I finally got around to making up another batch of the No Knead Swedish Cardamom Bread from the Vegetarian Times website.  In fact I made two batches and then instead of cutting the batch into two loaves  I made four loaves.  That's right, I made EIGHT loaves of Cardamom bread today and this is all that's left! 
The bread was delicious and the demerara sugar makes a big difference (didn't use it last time). 
Oh, by the way, we didn't eat the other 7 loaves.  We shared them with our neighbors and family.  I don't know why I put off making the bread for so long.  It really is easy to make.  The hardest part was grinding the cardamom and once I handed that job over to my strong husband it really wasn't hard at all!


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