This 5 panel boxer pattern is awesome.
I love the baggy butt.  I can't imagine they would be anything but comfortable. 

First Choice Boxers Pattern
I have 5 or more pair to make for a client after I get some work done for the shop.
They were easy to make once I read the instructions correctly!
I didn't realize early enough that the author was going to tell me exactly how to do something once she told me what to do and so it took me a bit longer than it should have.  I was stuck on a sentance telling me to make a flat felled seam.  I couldn't remember what that was and so I looked at the photos and it wasn't clear.  I racked my brain and then finally went upstairs to get my new go-to book:
Threads Sewing Guide
I looked up felled seams and said "OH! of course!"
I made the seams, read the next line in the pattern and realized she was telling me how to make the felled seam.  I was humbled and realized I just need to read EVERYTHING first.  The rest of the pattern went much smoother.  I'm certain the next 5 pair will go together much faster.


Jane Babcock said…
You are a brave doer.

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