Meeting Art Heros

I was thrilled when Pokey Bolton, Editor-in-Chief at Quilting Arts Magazine and host of Quilting Arts TV, knew who I was.  But later I was a little embarrassed because she knows me because I comment on her blog and facebook page so much.  She, Helen Gregory and Lindsey Murray were all so nice to meet.  They have a job I would love to have some day when I grow up.

Anna Maria Horner, designer extraordinare, is the do it all woman.  She designs beautiful fabrics, makes lovely projects and patterns, is active in her church and is mother to a brood of beautiful children.  The oldest is following in her mothers footsteps and has artistic talent galore!

Patty Young and her husband were delightful to meet and visit with.  She designs some of the cutest kids clothing patterns, fabrics and now ribbons too.

Paula Prass  and her daughter Jennifer Storey have had a very difficult year but you would never tell from visiting with them at Market.  They were delightful to visit with and both very talented.  And they both photograph so well.


Jane Babcock said…
Never be embarrassed about blog comments. They help make blogs keep happening.

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