And the winner of the Down on the Farm pdf quilt pattern is #46:

Blogger fern said...

favourite zoo animal- an Okapi!!!

love them!!!

love the quilt!!!
And because I'm feeling extra generous today I decided to give away a second copy too!  And the winner of the second copy is #17:

Blogger JuneBug said...

Oh i love it! Very cute. Today I'm all about monkeys because my daughter just learned to climb a tree :)
I will be emailing both of you today with your copy of the pattern!  
Congratulations ladies!
I hope you enjoy the pattern and have many happy hours of sewing!


fern said…
Oh I'm so excited! My niece was just born this morning at 2 am! I can't wait to make this for her!

Thank you!!!

(although I may have to put an okapi on it somewhere!) :-)
Congratulations to both of the winners!! :)

Erin x

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