We went dress shopping Saturday and one of my daughters found a cute number.
I have taught my girls to dress modestly and this dress did not fit the modesty mold with no sleeves and a low back.  When she tried the dress on she knew she would be wearing it with a shirt underneath or a shrug on top.  
  Sadly, when we returned home the dress didn't look good with a shirt underneath or a shrug on top.  The dress could only be returned for store credit so I decided to try something wild.  The dress was long so I cut it to knee length and used the fabric to 
make sleeves as well as . . .
 a modest back.
She is thrilled and so am I.


Anneliese said…
I think your version looks even better than the original!
Jennilyn said…
Excellent job! Love the color!
Deb said…
I like it too! What a blessing you have a daughter who agrees about modesty.

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