A Week Without Children

My two youngest went off to camp this week leaving my husband and I without children in the house.  
A sneak peek into our near future.
I thought I would have a lot of time to get my projects done but . . . well, time goes so fast!
I did manage to accomplish a few things:
#1 -  I transformed this old folding table.
  Why yes, I did just throw a piece of pretty oil cloth on top and called it transformed.  Easiest project ever and you saw it here first.  I should write a tutorial.

#2 - I recently purchased some stencils in preparation for my Summer Campish Class at Whimsy Cottage, so of course I had to spend hours playing with them.
How else would I know if they would help me teach the class?
I painted many pieces of fabric but forgot to photograph it. Oops.  
I also also painted my shirt, fingers, elbow and bra.
I'm pretty talented that way.

#3 - I went out to dinner with my husband and oldest daughter who lives downtown.
We had a wonderful time.
Nothing like a little Olive Garden Salad and bread sticks to bring the family together.
And shoe shopping.
Daughter needed some new shoes so we went looking with her after we stuffed ourselves.
My husband just LOVES shoe shopping.
He's a good man.

#4 - I prepared and gave a presentation on fusible machine applique for my quilt guild.
I was busy painting and almost forgot about the presentation.
It's a good thing I've been working on this Amy Bradley Pattern so I could use the blocks I'm making as examples:
Some day soon my quilt will look like the one on the package.
I was a bit nervous about the presentation because there are so many talented quilters in our group but they are all so wonderful they made me feel very comfortable.  I hope they learned something.

5)  I went grocery shopping by myself.  This isn't an unusual activity actually but I really hadn't put shopping into my plan for the week until my husband told me he didn't have lunch meat to make a sandwich.
  The poor man, I do neglect him so!
And while he is perfectly capable of going to the store all by himself, he is also the one who slaves everyday to bring home the big bucks so I thought I'd be kind and go to the store to pick up a few things.
While I was at the ginormous grocery store that includes so much more than food, I decided to look at sandals for myself.  All the shoes were on sale and I had a good coupon too.
Looking for shoes for myself is an unusual activity and a real pain at times (notice how much bigger my right foot is than my left foot?!) but I did manage to find a pair of sandals I liked.  They cover the scar on my right big toe from when I broke it a few years back they are comfortable.  I wore them all week at work but today, all three girls told me that they think my sandals are ugly.  Can you imagine?!  Maybe I should go back and buy them all their own pair.

and finally
#6 -  Most of my time this week was spent working at or recovering from Shop Hop.
The Wasatch Front Shop Hop is a big event put on by 15 quilt shops.  Every shop has prizes to giveaway, in store discounts, games and lots of fun.  Quilters often travel together in small and large groups and make a big deal out of the four day event.  This year's theme was "The Greatest Quilt I Ever Read."   
Nancy made a fabulous quilt for our theme of "Green Eggs and Ham."
We had hundreds of people come through the shop everyday.
My cheeks would hurt from smiling every night and not just because I was being polite.
You meet some of the best people during shop hop!
Some of them are down right adorable and make you very happy to have your own babies back after a long week away.


Teresa said…
It sounds like you had alot of fun this last week!! You will do great as an empty nester :) I am so jealous about the Shop Hop, I was so excited for it. But when it came around I had a sick boy, and Saturday was booked solid. Your week makes me excited as to when my kids are grown!!

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