Alphabet Soup

26 Quilters participated in this Alphabet Soup Challenge
Each participant made an 18"x 24" quilt about a letter of the alphabet.
 The quilters were all so very creative with their letters.  My friend Kaye, took the letter K, for Kotex, a girl's rite of passage.  My friend Leigh's G stood for Gleevec, a drug that saved her life from cancer.
I took on the difficult letter of "U" (bottom left) because my family loves The University of Utah.  Education is important to my husband and I.  My parents and grandparents never went to college.  My father never went past the 7th grade and my grandmother and her brother were the first to go to high school out of her siblings but she never graduated.  My husband's parents and grandparents never went to college either.  His mother only attended a few years of schooling because they couldn't afford to send her to school in China.  As a result we have felt the need to pursue our education and hopefully make our lives a little better.  My husband, our son, and I all graduated from the "U" and my oldest daughter will be graduating from there next spring.  My husband also graduated from the U's Law School.  We hope that our two youngest, who are starting high school this year, will continue the tradition of attending the "U" but to be truthful I will be happy with any college as long as they do their very best.  Go Utes!


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