Herman's Hermits

Do you remember Peter Noone and Herman's Hermits from the 1960's?
My guess is that 80% of my readers don't remember the band because they weren't alive in the 60's but I'm guessing everyone has heard at least one of their songs around a campfire:
See you have heard of Herman's Hermits!
This past Friday, my friend, Dawn, my husband and I went to the Sandy Amphitheater to revisit the 60's and the British Invasion starring Peter Noone and Herman's Hermits.
The sun was so bright when we first arrived.
Poor dear!
It was very hard to see.
But by the time of the first intermission the sun was setting and it was lovely.

The show was FANTASTIC!
You can tell that Peter Noone really enjoys what he does and puts a lot of energy into his show.
I also thought he was very funny as well as still a great singer.
My favorite song he sang was:
or maybe it was:


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