I've been anxiously awaiting the post office delivery of a special gift I made for a friend and her baby.
Now that she has received the package I can share what I made.
I came across a tutorial for these burp cloths that made me laugh so I had to make a few for her.
and then I saw an image of a quilt that I loved so I made one of those for her as well
This is such an easy pattern but has a big effect.
It highlights the monkey fabric beautifully.
Yes, I know you can't tell from the photo but those are adorable monkeys all over the quilt.
I'm working out the math now for a bigger version because I just need to make another one.
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T and B said…
THANK YOU!!! I love love the quilt but the burp cloths are adorable! I almost hate to use them they are THAT cute!! Did I mention that you are insanely talented!!!?!!

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