Ice Dyeing Part 2

This past week has been a bit insane getting children ready for school.  I really thought we had finished all the back to school shopping weeks ago but apparently there is always something to be purchased at the last minute.  I have also found that even though the last two have started high school my quiet moments are few and far between, however I have am making the most of it and managed to squeeze in more ice dyeing.
I decided to try it with smaller ice cubes this time to see what kind of difference it would make.  And the results are:
I grabbed this piece of fabric from the middle and then scrunched it together and threw on some cerulean blue dye with a sprinkle of lemon yellow.  Since it was up against the red piece it did pick up a little of the red to make some purple.  The red piece (Light red with a sprinkle of yellow) on the other hand picked up a lot of blue and stayed mostly blue. 
I scrunched this piece from side to side.  The blue stripes remind me of Charlie Brown's shirt.
Funny how just the shape of something can bring about another image.
Here is a close up of the center of the blue piece: 
The top bit is a bit stripped from laying on the wire rack.
I just love the vibrancy of this fabric and the way the color flows!
And of course the project wouldn't be complete without a collect-all fabric at the bottom:
The collect-alls always seem to have the most interesting shapes.  The bucket I put the wire rack onto has grooves in the bottom which don't allow the collect-all piece to sit in the watered down dye, allowing the piece to have so many beautiful white spaces.
Have you tried this fun way to dye yet?
I think I need to try some new colors.  Any suggestions?


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