Ice Dyeing

A couple years ago I started dyeing fabric using snow as a resist.  I then heard about people using ice cubes with similar results, so when I read an article in Quilting Arts Magazine using this method I decided it was time to give it a try.
 Here I have my procian fiber reactive dyes on the left, pfd fabric soaking in soda ash in the middle and a rack over a tub on the right.  I scrunched up the fabric and put it on top of the rack.
 And I put a piece under the rack as well to soak up any excess dye that dripped down.
I sprinkled the dye powder on top of the ice cubes on top of the fabric.

 The powder flys around a bit and landed here and there.
 The fabrics turned out beautifully!
 A few close ups of bits I loved.


Jennilyn said…
Beautiful fun! Do you like this better than snow dying?

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