Quiltfest Fun

I was so busy during the Utah Quiltfest that I didn't take many pictures.
One reason I didn't get pictures was that I forgot my camera when I taught my lunchbags class.  However I did have my phone:
 Nine out of the ten students finished their lunch and sandwich bags.
One of the students did not bring her machine down because it was too much for her to carry.
All of the ladies did a great job!
I did manage to bring my camera and take two photos of the set up for my Painting on Fabric class.
I showed quilts I have made using different paints and also displayed some books about painting on fabric.
  Once the class started it was all lecture and I think I yammered on about various paints and techniques for  over an hour and a half and about 10 glasses of water that my wonderful angel supplied me with.  I had 17 students and only 16 handouts (there were some last minute sign ups I didn't know about).  I was fortunate enough to have two friends in the class who were willing to share. (Thank you Mickey and Bobbie!)
 The worst part of the class was that there was no painting allowed in the classroom.  So I talked.  No one fell asleep despite the 7 p.m. starting hour so I think they were entertained.  I hope I can teach a project next year where we actually get to paint on fabric.
The last class I taught was about Photo Transferring.
I showed them how to print a photo onto tissue paper, as I did in this quilt:
How to use Citrasolv as I did in this project:
And how print a photo onto prepared fabric or TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) as I did in this quilt:
After I lectured for a bit the 17 (or was it 19?) students were able to play with the Citrasolv using images I brought as well as print off images onto the EQ Printable Fabric and TAP I gave them with their kits.  The next time I teach this class I shall have a helper who is familiar with my printer so that I can be available to help answer questions and work more with the Citrasolv.  
I do think my prejudicial preference for TAP showed as I sold every last piece of TAP I had.
I am loving this stuff!
I love the vibrant colors, the softness on fabric and it's wash-ability.
I plan to put it's wash-ability to the ultimate test by using it to put transfers on baby onesies.  It's a good thing lots of people around me are having babies right now.


Elle said…
You are too talented!! I love it!!
Unknown said…
I love the examples you taught, especially the beautiful fairy girl. I say "inspiring".

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