State Fair

Spent a wonderful day judging the canning at the fair today.
This was about my 7th year judging.
The pickles in the foreground were delicious.
We don't taste everything just the things we are certain won't poison us - funny but true.  We only taste the jams, jellies, pickles and dried produce.
All those jams and jellies sure put you on a sugar high, even though we only taste a tiny amount of each.  My favorite was the apple butter.  It was fantastic!  
Here is the crew I have been judging with for the past upteen years:


Candied Fabrics said…
Ooh, how cool! I've never thought about people who judge at county/state fairs, but yet there must be a fair number - and know I electronically know one! ;-)
Barbara Urry said…
How fun! How did you get involved in doing that?

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