Tree Perspective

My quilt Tree Perspective has been published in 
One Line at a Time, Encore by Charlotte Warr Andersen.
The quilt is part of the background for the Gallery title page as well as on it's own page.
And if that isn't exciting enough for me, my quilt, 
Flower Wreath is also in the gallery section.
The book shows you some easy ways to create great quilting patterns using the walking foot on your Home Domestic Machine.
The book is published by C&T Publishing and is hopefully in your local quilt store very soon.


Sylvia said…
See! Photographing the quilt with the book was great!
Jane Babcock said…
I agree. Good to see. Congratulations.partig
Bev said…
Congrats, Lisa! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.. Oh, love the zentangles too.

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