This week I learned how to Zentangle while attending the Utah Surface Design Group.
Here is the drawing I made at the meeting
Just a sharpie pen and lots of fun lines.
It's very relaxing.
I loved the designs so much I just had to draw more the next morning:
A very strange creature indeed but I like her.
I love this bird I drew. 
I wasn't brave enough to watercolor the bird on paper so I played with  the coloring in photoshop:
Not bad but I would like more color.  I'm still not sure if I have the nerve to color the real drawing.
Have you ever zentangled?


Helen said…
Fun stuff! You are so creative Lisa!
Jennilyn said…
Thanks for the links--I've been watching video all morning explaining this fun doodle-relaxing art technique! Seems to lend it self well to quilting lines!

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