New Book

I know it's almost Christmas and I really shouldn't be buying things for myself but. . . I guess I will just be on Santa's naughty list.  After the Zentangle class my friend, Dawn, wanted to learn Zentangle using a book and there weren't any Zentangle books in the library.  We were shocked. We decided we should order some from the local bookstore: The Kings English.  
She got this one on the basics
and I bought this newer one.
#5367 Zen Mandalas
The books came in yesterday and Dawn picked them up for us.  I excitedly gave a quick look through and I am very happy about what is inside.
I've been sick all week and unable to work on anything which has really put me behind on my projects.  Why are there so many deadlines in December?  (Sing that to "Why are their so many songs about rainbows " - it works nicely, not as pleasant but you know. . .)  So I guess I will have to put this new selfish purchase aside and get back to the grindstone.  I promise myself I will read and play with it again soon.


Jane Babcock said…
Christmastime is shopping time, so it makes sense that a person would become aware of things they want to buy for themselves as well as for others.I love the zentangle concept.
Anneliese said…
I'm going to have to come over sometime and look through that book. It looks fantastic! And don't worry, I've already started using some of my christmas presents.
Melly Testa said…
I think it is great that you are having such fun with zentangles. It is a fun and intuitive way to have fun with drawing, don't you think?

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