Fabric Exchange

A few months ago I sent in four of my ice dyed fabrics to a surface design fabric exchange at Quilting Arts Magazine.

And this week I received these four beauties in return:
From Deborah in Newburgh, NY.
She painted with acrylic paint and gesso and then stamped a nice leaf design with Distress Ink.

From Torrie, who sun printed with seta color twice with different colors and textures.

From Lori who used a gauzy cotton fabric and a process called Hot Bundling from India Flint's book "Eco Colour."  She used red onion leaves and wrapped them up in the fabric and microwaved the bundles.  After letting them rest in the sun for a few days she washed the fabric in cold water and set with a hot iron.

From Betsy who used soy wax, dyes, fabric paint and hand carved stamps.  To create the blue motif, she carved the stamp asymmetrically.  Then, using rotational symmetry, she created the feeling of motion and connection.

I love reading about how each fabric was made.  I think I will have a hard time cutting any of them up for a bit!
Which one is your favorite?


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