Makin' Pie

It's been almost 10 years since Mom passed away at the young age of 59.  Every moment I had with her is now precious.  One of those precious moments happened about a year and a half before she passed away.  Mom decided to teach my children to make fried apple pies just like their great-grandmother.  Four children ages 3, 3, 10 and 13, can do quite a number on a kitchen but Mom had the patience of a saint that day.  At least that is how I like to remember it.  After having them help her make the dough, Mom gave each child a space on the counter and a piece of dough to roll out and fill with apples.  Annie was the first to finish and Mom picked her up to show me and the camera the beautifully mangled pie.  I have cherished the look of pride in Annie's eyes about her first pie and the look of love in Mom's eyes over a beautiful granddaughter.

I made this mini-quilt for a Quilting Arts Reader Challenge titled:  "Time Flies."  The idea was to capture a moment in time in an 11x 14" quilt.  The background, magenta square, pink circles and binding are snow dyed cotton fabrics.  I posterized the original photo and then broke it down in photoshop to nothing more than a drawing which was then made into a thermofax.  The thermofax design was then printed onto a piece of white silk organza which was stitched down and trimmed.
What moment in time would you like to capture in your art?


Dawn said…
you made me cry. love it, great story, great memory.

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