Quilting Flotsam

If you quilt, you have flotsam.  Unwanted threads and materials floating about the sewing room, your clothing and eventually the entire house.  Our 12x12 challenge word was Flotsam a few months ago and I finally managed to pick up some of my quilting flotsam and arrange it on a quilted 12x12.

My inspiration came from a piece I saw on Pinterest which was actually pinned from a website called The Rag and Bone Boutique.  Check out the link here.  This post has some beautiful pieces made from recycled materials.  I think I should have went with a more neutral background and brighter colored flotsam.  The good thing about this idea is that I still have a LOT of flotsam I can use to make another!

I originally tried to stitch each piece of flotsam to the fabric but the machine stitching took away the dimension of the flotsam.  I really can't do a lot of hand sewing right now so I ended up glueing them on with Fabric Mod Podge.  As long as I don't wash the piece I think it will stay put just fine!


Bev said…
I love it Lisa!

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