Dyeing for Snow

It actually snowed last week!  
The cats and I were so excited.
It wasn't very deep but enough to enjoy.  I was actually surprised that Keiko even went into the snow.  She usually stays on the patio out of the wetness.  She is getting adventurous in her old age.

I decided to try snow dyeing using just the dye powder as I do with ice dyeing, rather than mixing the powder with water first as I have in the past with snow dyeing.
I used my two newest colors:
chartreuse and . . . . .a-red-color-that-I-don't-recall-the-exact-name-of.
Come on, you can't really expect me to remember something like that from last week, can you?!  Besides, I'm too lazy to walk down stairs and look at the name on the jar.  Maybe I'll look later and add it here. And maybe I won't.
Here is the powdered dye on top of the snow:
It actually dissolves quite quickly.  I dyed about 6 half yard pieces of fabric.  One was a cheesecloth like fabric and one was a very silky cotton.  They all came out something like this:
and this:
I really like this color combination better than I thought I would.
I used up the last of my PFD Cotton fabric.  I can't believe I have already dyed 15 yards of fabric.
I ordered another bolt and hope it arrives before the next snow flies.
Last week I also experimented with a couple of other dye techniques that I will be posting about very soon.  See you then!


Bev said…
Looks like we might have enough snow tonight, Lisa. You might just have to over-dye some of your stash if you are out of pfd.
Alan said…
Cats walking in snow is among the things I miss most about the winter. Thanks for sharing your snowcats.

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