Pin Free. . .

How do you baste your quilts before quilting?

I hate basting my quilts with pins!  
Straight pins stab you as you pin and as you quilt.  Safety pins make my fingers raw.  But if a quilt sandwich isn't basted properly the quilting looks awful.
A few years ago I read about basting spray.  I searched and the only product I could find at the time was at my local big-chain-fabric-store.  It was a little sticky but did the job of keeping things together.
I was so excited even if it meant I now had a lifetime supply of large curved safety pins.  Not having raw fingers made it all worth it!  I never tried another brand online because I never thought about needing the spray until I had to baste a quilt and I always need to baste them NOW!

But the reviews for 505 were so high and widely spread across the blogosphere that I decided to keep my eyes open.  I finally found 505 in a booth at a vendors mall and proceeded to buy two cans.  I AM NOW A BIG FAN OF 505!  It sticks beautifully and doesn't gum up my sewing machine.  My quilting mistakes are now my own and not because of a poor basting job.  Yay!
Today I discovered something I thought I would share.  ODIF, the company that makes 505 has a great little comparison on their website where you can look at all the spray products they make and decide which product will work for what you need.  Great information!  I had no idea there were so many different sprays for different jobs - permanent, temporary, fabric and paper.   I can spray a paper pattern onto fabric - again no pins to poke me.  It's beginning to sound like I'm not a big fan of being poked or of pins. Crazy!


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