Bad Idea - Good Idea

I have looked until I am cross-eyed for the fabric I dyed from the rose water - but no luck!
I don't understand where it went.
I should never have cleaned my studio!
*deep sigh*
Oh well, let me share the results from the rose petal folding/pressing:
I took pfd fabric, soaked it in a mordant and folded it up nicely.
And a few weeks later I got this yucky brownish green fabric:
Isn't it lovely?
And the fabric which was dyed with this rich burgundy color from the rose petals?
The one I can't find?
It came out this color:
Yup, Green.
As soon as I saw the color I knew what my mistake was.
It was basic chemistry - 
and since I have NEVER taken a basic chemistry class we should all be impressed that I even knew what the problem was so quickly:
I used the wrong mordant.
I used soda ash and I should have used vinegar.
I'm not sure what the fancy chemical reactions are (please explain in the comments if you do know!) but I was certain I was right.
I searched the internet and found that yes indeedy I was absolutely correct.
It is time to buy myself some new roses and give this another try.
This time with vinegar!
To be continued. . .


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