Charlotte Warr Andersen

I had the opportunity to take a three day appliqué portrait class from Charlotte Warr Andersen the last three weeks. 

  I love her quilts and have wanted to do a portrait quilt for some time.

 Charlotte collaborated with her daughter on this beautiful piece.
 Her daughter painted the faces and armor. 

 This wolf and horse are actually pieced, not appliquéd.  I'm hoping she teaches this class sometime soon.
 And yes, the wolf is upside-down and I forgot to flip it around before posting. :S
I am working on a portrait of my cat, Bubba.  I thought a cat might be a little easier than a face.  Turns out I was WRONG!  I'll post the portrait once I finish it but in the meantime here is the photo I'm working with:
Wish me luck!


Melly Testa said…
You can do it. If your first effort falls short, try again. Do not compare yourself to your idol.

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