Dirty Little Secrets

I'm about to share an embarrassing secret with you.
Perhaps you have this secret as well.

My studio regularly turns into a disaster area.
I like to blame a mischievous cat who knocks things around
as well as a creative daughter who manages to avoid me when I ask her to put things away but to be honest - it is mostly my fault.
I have been sewing and painting like crazy since before Christmas and have straighten up once in a while but it just wasn't enough.  Last week I had finally had enough!
I mean, just look at this disaster:
A- Started to put up cork board squares and didn't finish
B - Mischievous Cat making himself at home among the mess
C - Daughters missing water bottle - oops I guess I stole it
D - Boxes of stuff from classes I taught last Oct. that need to be put away
E - Bags and Bags of projects needing attention
Keiko is scared to enter the room because it is so messy.
What a disaster!
I just couldn't hide from the mess anymore.
Something had to be done!!!
So this week, I spent an entire day rearranging the furniture
and putting up new shelves.
Then two days getting everything into it's place.
And I couldn't have finished without the help of my friend, Sylvia, who kept virtually harassing encouraging me, and my creative daughter who ran things here and there whenever asked.
My daughter was motivated by the desk I gave her for all of her art supplies.
I like the new arrangement and I really like the cleanliness.
*deep sigh*
It's so beautiful when it's clean.
Another secret:  Next week it won't be this clean.


Dawn said…
WOW, I am in shock. Looks fab, but I know it won't last long. Good job, now the rest of the house????
Jane Babcock said…
Clean is better than confusion. But patience is good too.
Jennilyn said…
Looks good now! Good inspiration to attack the CREATION room. I have to remind myself that raw materials are necessary to the process. Being organized about it, that takes assistants, helpers. Can NOT do it on your own. Teamwork. (something) This is the reason I am thankful to have a spouse. A building buddy. Someone with different talents that often mesh well with my wild abandon in the middle of projects. I crazy cook, he cleans up as I go, that kind of thing. If I could let go and delegate some of my craft madness and fabric-gathering/hoarding to my children, share the materials, ask them to invest in the process, I am sure my sewing room would look better than it currently does...
Looks beautiful and it is hard to keep it straightened up when you are being creative!

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