Jelly Roll Racing

Last spring I won a Jelly Roll of Fabric (basically a Jelly Roll is forty 2 1/2" wide strips of fabric).  The colors and style of the fabric are not in my favorite color way so they have sat on a shelf.  I finally decided that perhaps they should be used and might make a sweet baby quilt for someone.  I looked for ideas and came across a video in which a quilt top was made in just one hour!  And it was cute too.
I pulled out the jelly roll and went to work.  Sure enough, one hour later I had a good sized quilt top!  Mister would not let me photograph it without him.  I'm thinking that if I put some red borders on it and get it quilted I might actually like it on my bed.
I'm now looking at jelly rolls in a whole new way!


Aimee said…
This is a pretty neat way to whip out a quilt, isn't it? Looks like yours turned out well, & your kitty approves :) I may actually have to try this one day.

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