The Kindness Chronicles

It's time to make the world a better place by showing a little kindness.  

Smile at someone and really mean it.
Do the dishes for your spouse without being asked (I know, most of you are the ones who are doing the washing already but my husband likes to wash the dishes and one day I did them instead, just because).
Let someone in front of you at the store or on the road.
Bring coupons you won't be using to the store and leave them on the shelves next to the products.  (This one has made me very happy when others have done it.)
Make cookies for a neighbor and learn who they are.

What random act of kindness have you done this month?  I'd love to hear what you've done and ideas you haven't done yet so that I will have more ideas of ways to be kind this month!


Lyric said…
Sweet. Cookies, smiles, especially the coupons. I do that one often at the fabric store or craft store... handing them to the person in line behind me.

Thank you fro brightening the world around you.
Anonymous said…

I was looking for an image for a shirt I'm designing and found this nice vintage alarm clock in your post. Would you mind if I use it on my design?

This is a very inspiring blog by the way. Keep it up! :)

Lisa Chin said…
Edward - The image actually comes from a website of copyright free images called The Graphics Fairy. I love all of her images. Go to her blog and you can get a full sized image there.
Good luck with your design!

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