Exploring Outside the Studio: Part 1

I took a mini spring break vacation to southern Utah with my two youngest children and I thought I'd share a few photos for your inspiration.
The colors and shapes of the mountains in southern Utah are so beautiful!
 Can you find the jack rabbit in this photo?  He was a beaut!
This is one of the hikes we took (oops, I mean the only hike we took).
 I love petroglyphs.
I feel such a connection to those who created them so many years ago.  What do you think they were trying to tell each other with these?
I have 14 toes and I can count higher than you? haha
Or the King and Queen like to kiss.  Do you see their crowns?
Could these be Aliens and crop circles? haha
This little pathway between the rocks became more and more rocky but it is where you have to go to see the good glyphs.
 Lots of places to squeeze through.
Our friend, who acted as our tour guide, thought that perhaps the creators of these glyphs were dividing up the land in the valley below.
 I love glyphs of animals.  These two are so beautiful.
another fun narrow place to explore - with a glyph on the side
It was so windy that the girls decided to lean into the wind and pretend they were flying.
We didn't make it over to see these (which have been constructed for the benefit of tourists) but I was glad my camera has such a great zoom so I can look at them now.
Stay tuned for Part 2.


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