Exploring Outside the Studio: Part 2

Cove Fort
The hubby and I visited here in 2009 and I've been wanting my girls to see the fort so we made sure to stop by on our way home from southern Utah.
 It is a beautiful fort built from lava stone native to the area.  
 Being someone who loves all things fiber, I love the loom in which rags were used to make the rugs in the fort.
 This little iron apron was used for the lace on the women's dresses.
This little quilt is so simple and beautiful.

These trees speak to me.

This quilt is a replica of one made during the time period.  It is on the bed upside down so that it will fade evenly from the light coming in the window.

Unusual double stitching.

A Yarn weasel.

A Singer treadle sewing machine.

 I love that they made use of what they had.  There wasn't enough red to finish the quilt so they used beige.
Can you imagine sleeping in that little bed?

The mountain off in the distance is the volcano (now extinct) that provided all the lava rock in this area.

Such a wonderful place to visit even if you only have a short time.


Alan said…
Thanks for putting pictures up! I just read about Cove Fort a few weeks ago in President Hinckley's biography, and it's interesting to see it (I don't recall much about my one visit there as a teenager).

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