Modern Patchwork Giveaway!

Modern Patchwork magazine is on stands now!
There are so many great projects in this magazine!
And I'm a little excited and YELLING about it because one of my projects is published in it!
I will try to settle down a little bit but it is always so rewarding to share my work with others!
This quilt has an oil cloth bottom to keep you from getting a wet bottom when going to an outdoor concert, play or picnic.  It also has a pocket inside in which you can safely carry a bottle of your favorite beverage (my favorite is Ting! and that is a soda not a wine, just in case you were wondering) and a couple of glasses once the quilt is rolled up and tied into a bag.  The outside also has a pocket to hold your tickets, car keys and some cash.

The magazine also has some fabulous patterns in it for fabulous bags, quilts, a laptop cover (I really need to make one of those!) and other fun stuff.  I hope I have made you excited about reading this magazine because I have an extra copy of Modern Patchwork I would like to share with a lucky reader.  Just leave a comment telling me what your favorite color is and you will be entered to win your own copy of the magazine.  I know, your favorite color has nothing to do with the magazine but I wanted to make it simple.  So go leave a comment!

The contest is also open to international readers.  I'll send it wherever I need to.  It just might take a few more days to get there.  The contest will close on Sunday, April 15th at midnight in the area you live in.  (I'll have to take your word for it that you entered before midnight!)  I will announce the winner on Monday, April 16th once I get the kiddos off to school and then have myself some breakfast.  Good luck!

NOTE!:  Please make sure you leave me your email address or have an email address attached to your Blogger account so that I can contact you when you win!


Alicia J said…
Majorelle blue =) it just makes me happy!
Nanalee said…
Tangerine and forget me not blue......a lift to every day.
Sylvia said…
Duh, Blue! Don't throw me in the hat, I won last time! ;)
What a cool blanket! Seriously! I am going to make one after I make the other 7 quilts I have 1/2 done! So, favorite color would be a set coupled together...Turquoise and Cherry....regardless if I win...can I have an autographed copy??? :)
Anonymous said…
Crimson read and cream
Teresa said…
Favorite color, that is always a hard question. Easy answer, blue, but I love yellow, and purples too.
Helen said…
I'd love to have a copy of your article!!
Woosterwoo said…
Ooh I don't think we can get this over here (UK), at the moment my favourite is aqua blue but most colours make me smile :) Thanks for the giveaway.
Jeannie said…
What a fun magazine! I tried finding one this weekend, but they haven't arrived here in the sticks. Favorite color varies day to day. Right now I am in love with orange, yellow, and red as my favorite tulips just opened. Thanks for the chance and happy weekend to you!

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