Presto Chango Jelly Roll Quilt

I made this jelly roll quilt after watching a video on line from Missouri Quilt Company.  My friend, Nancy, put together a  jelly roll of bright and lovely Jane Sassaman fabrics from the quilt shop and within an hour I had a quilt top.  Another hour and it was quilted and then it was promptly hung at the quilt shop.
When I got the quilt back last week I decided I wanted to switch it up a bit.
So after a chop here and a chop there:
I have a reversible quilt.
What do you think?  


Sherri said…
I think it's cool. Reversible is good.
Anonymous said…
Your chopping, and the thin stripes, added some structure to the quilt I think. Nice improvement! And yes, reversible is good

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