Spring Retreat

Part of my retreat is time spent at my friend Sylvia's house.
And I always need to get new photos of her beautiful "puppies" Eddie and . . .
We took a hike up the canyon and did a little geocashing.
We left a marble as well as our names.
Eddie & Peaty had a great time exploring!

And I did much better on the "long" trek this year.
My knees are doing better.
A view of the valley below.

And then it was off to Fairview for the real fun!
We made some charity quilts when we first arrived.

This class was going on while we were making some charity quilts.

There was also a bag class going on.  Forgot to sneak in a photo of the bags.  They were a nice big size and beautiful.
And there was some cuddling going on too with this adorable guy.
I taught my Photo Transfer class
 Sylvia felt the need to hide.

 The sunset was lovely so I had to run out and take a photo.  The color was actually much more orange than this photo shows.
 After sunset for "Midnight Madness" at 10 p.m. (haha) I taught how to do wonky piecing for journal covers.
 Despite the ladies going a bit crazy over all these lovely strips, the pile didn't seem to diminish at all.

 Sharon made a beautiful piece she took home to finish because she didn't have the thread color she wanted to quilt the piece with.
Only two people completed their journals because after a full day of quilting and fun "Midnight" is just pure "Madness" and it's time for bed!


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