Whimsy Cottage

The quilt shop I have worked for the last 5 years is closing.
Actually "worked" isn't the best word.  I should say I have "played" there for the last 5 years and gotten a pay check which was then spent in the store.  It has been a great 5 years.
The owner, Nancy, has decided to retire, get married and travel the country.
It is a joyful time for her 
but a sad time for those of us who have loved the beautiful fabrics and enjoyed the fabulous friendships we have had at Whimsy Cottage.
Last Thursday the store opened for it's first day of our closing sale.
The line before we opened went down the store and around the corner.
The atmosphere was a mix of excitement, a little sadness,
 and a bit of insanity.
 We had three cutting stations open with our best people cutting fabrics a mile a minute and me on the only register we have.
 Despite our best efforts people were still in line for a long time.
 Some people said they were in line for 2 1/2 hours. 
We were so grateful for our customer's patience!
A few customers told us they were having a good time visiting with the people in line.  They had learned new things and made new friends. 
Quilters are the best people!
Day 2 was not as crazy.
 We were still very busy all day long (no time to take photos while we were busy!),
 but our longest wait time was down to half an hour.
We will see what day 3 brings but it is expected to be another big day.


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