Whimsy Crazy

I'm really not sure where this week went or what I have done.
I do remember yesterday though.
I worked.
The quilt store I have worked at for the last 5 years is closing.  The owner is retiring and riding off into the sunset.  
The discounts just got bigger yesterday and so we had a busy day.  
Leaving us with messy shelves . . .
And beautiful piles of ribbon and fabric to ring up for customers. 

 It might be a bit hard to tell from these photos but the fabric is disappearing.

 My heart breaks a little more every time I work.
I have loved working with Nancy, Dana and the Karen's (as well as those who have retired from the store in the past).  
I have also loved our customers.  We have the best customers.  They are fun to visit with and make some of the most beautiful projects.  
There are some customers who seem to be coming everyday during the closing sale, just to see if we are still around.  
And we are - at least for the time being.


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