Annular Eclipse Viewing Party

We started out with just my little family and then one neighbor came out, and then the neighbor's family drove by and joined us and more neighbors came until we had a good sized group.
 We didn't have glasses to use but I read online that you could reflect the solar eclipse through a pair of binoculars onto a piece of paper.  We were so surprised when it worked!
Our neighbor did have some welding glass we could look through and I attempted to photograph it through this glass but it didn't seem to work, but that didn't stop me for trying again and again.

 Even though you can't see the eclipse in these I love the green surreal feeling to them.

 A photo of the sun without the glass didn't do any better.
 The binoculars onto the paper on the other hand worked fabulously and I was able to take lots of fun photos.

 We thought the shadow looked like Wall-E from the Disney movie.

 Our neighbor, Marco, took his turn holding the paper for my husband.
 He was the one who provided the welders glass.  I really wish I could have photographed the eclipse through the glass because it looked very cool.

 Our viewing party was growing.

 One of the neighbors had solar eclipse glasses that allowed me to get a couple of good photos of the actual eclipse.

 These I think look more like E.T. 

 Our sweet neighbors walked over to have a look after their children stopped by.
 They were amazed.
 Bob said it was "Awesome!"  
His daughter said she has never heard him say something was awesome.
 They are such a sweet couple.
 We love having them as our neighbors.

And just a few more photos before the eclipse was over.

It was a memorable family experience!
I hope you were able to enjoy it with someone you love.


LynDee said…
That was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing. Our son took some similar photos from a locale outside of Chico, CA. You southern state folks had all of the fun this weekend...Southwest Washington has returned to its usual cloudy and rainy state.
This looks like a fun party -- thanks for sharing! I was driving through Seattle during the eclipse, but it was pouring rain and too cloudy to see anything.

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