A Beautiful Day to Batik

Over the weekend, when I should have been quilting a project for a deadline, I took a four hour break to go Batik with my friend Anne.
Anne taught me how to dye fabrics about 6 years ago and it's been downhill ever since!
 Tjantings and brushes ready to go.

 Anne is a real professional.  She has been making and selling batiks for many years.  Batiking is the art of drawing on fabric with wax and then painting over it with dyes.  The dye goes everywhere the wax isn't. 
Saturday we decided to experiment with Soy Wax.  
Usually we would use a beeswax/parrafin mix but there has been a lot of talk over the past year or two about the benefits of soy wax so we thought we'd give it a go.
I found a copyright-free-sun image online that I wanted to try batiking over the top of this ice dyed fabric.  You can see just a piece of the image up at the right hand corner.
 Scout watched and waited patiently as we talked and played.
 A couple shots of the sun as I waxed it.
 Got a little too much wax in some places and not enough in others.  I suppose that is the nature of the beast when you are a novice.
 Anne's doodle batik.
 My Doodle Batik after I applied black dye.
 My sun after I put some black dye on it.

 More of Anne's doodles.

 The beginning of Anne's desert batik.  It's upside down.
 And, drum roll please, 
. . . my doodle after the wax was removed

 . . . and the sun after the wax was removed
It looks like I didn't get enough wax on it but that's okay, it was a fun experiment and I plan to try the sun again.  I think I will do it with the soy wax again and if I don't like it I will go back to the bees/paraffin wax mix.


i learned how to batik in school and at one point i was crazy abt it... and our dogs share the same name Scout! ^^
Kasi said…
I learned crayon batik in a Crayola workshop once. Have also tried the stylus kind. I am not coordinated enough.
AnneM said…
Lisa, these are great photos. It was a fun day!

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