Forgive me for this late post.
My oldest daughter graduated from college this weekend and it has been a very busy few weeks.  I should have done something ahead of time but I didn't make the time.  I hope you will forgive me.

I wanted to write about all the kindnesses given to me during this busy busy time in our family.
My friend offered the use of her beautiful backyard for a graduation party.

My son, as well as my sister and her fiancé flew in for the weekend.

Another friend loaned me large beverage containers and a warmer.

Another friend baked 200 mini cupcakes and 50 chocolate mint brownies because she just wanted to "help out".

My husband didn't roll his eyes when I told him I had to borrow my friend's crockpot for the hot dip because her crockpot is prettier than ours.

My husband hauled endless chairs and tables from the church house without complaint.  He also made many endless trips from our house to the neighbor's where the party was being held.

My son, who lives out of state and doesn't get to see his friends very often, left his friends house to run errands for me without a complaint.

And there were so many other kindnesses given to us that I just can't remember them all.

I'm so grateful to them all!


Jane LaFazio said…
lovely post! and how blessed you are to receive so much loving help.

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