I almost cried when I went to work yesterday.
The store is emptying out.
Slower than I thought it would anyway.
I guess I didn't realize how much fabric we really had at the beginning of the closing sale.
We have sold hundreds and hundreds of bolts leaving empty shelves behind but Lane, the gentleman who is handling the sale, rearranges everything every morning to make sure the shelves are full and clean.
 Whimsy Cottage will be a classy joint to the end. 
 I'm surprised at how many batiks are left.  
Especially now that the fabrics are down to 55% off.
The big beautiful red couch has been sold and taken to it's new home.
More of the lovely striped floor is showing.

It looks like a full store from this angle.
 The classroom is filled with fixtures 
that have been sold or are still for sale.
My heart is breaking.


Sylvia said…
It is sad to see the best shop in the Salt Lake area to close. :(

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