Yellowstone Inspiration

 We decided to visit Yellowstone for the first time and found that summer has not arrived in this part of Montana yet!  However the cool weather and snow didn't stop the animals from making an appearance.
 There were a lot of baby bison roaming around the park and each one was adorable.
 I always thought that geese nested on the ground.  
I'm wondering why this goose is on a nest up in a tree.    
There were a couple of geese flying around this nest.
Could they be babysitting for an Eagle? ;)
Canadian Geese have white geese who help them tend their goslings - true story - so why not?  Something to ponder.
(I've seen these white geese helping the Canadian geese at Wheeler Farm in Utah)
 The cloudiness of the day just added something extra to the beauty of the park. 
 This momma elk and her baby swam across the river.  
It was amazing to see the baby swimming and how
concerned Momma was about her baby.

 There were a lot of fly fisherman/woman out braving the weather.
 I took a number of photos for future inspiration.

 I was amazed at how this little tree is determined to grow where she has been planted.
There is always a moral to take from that kind of story.
The steam from hot pots made a beautiful background for the herds of bison.

 This little bird was enjoying the show at Old Faithful.
He kept hopping around watching all the spectators.
 I chose to video tape the geyser and so I didn't get a photo of Old Faithful at it's tallest.
It was an amazing experience!
I can now check that off my bucket list.


Jane Babcock said…
It looks cold, but fabulous.

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