For You

While at Costco I was able to witness such a wonderful kindness.
A woman set down her keys on a shelf and then forgot them.  Another woman noticed the keys shortly after and left her own shopping behind to track down the owner.
The woman who lost her keys was so grateful for this simple act of kindness and expressed how difficult her life would have been without those keys.
It never ceases to amaze me how something so simple can make such a big deal in a person's life.

Another sweet act of kindness I saw performed was by my 14-year-old daughter.
We have had some new neighbors move in who have four adorable children.
The other day as my daughter and I were walking home we noticed three of the children out all trying to ride the one scooter they owned.  They weren't fighting over the scooter, they were being very sweet.  One would ride and the other two would run behind.  My daughter noticed and while I was distracted with talking to another neighbor she called the children over and offered them two of our scooters that are sitting in the shed.  She told them they were welcome to ride them whenever they like as long as they return them and ask before they ride.  They were thrilled! And so was I.


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