Making Another Macro Photo Box

My friend, Dawn, and her sister inhereted a very large collection or fossils, crystals, minerals and rocks from their father.  They have sold as many as they can to local rock hounds and now Dawn has the enormous task of selling the remaining rocks online.

Dawn's first problem was how to photograph the rocks in a professional way without buying a new camera or hiring a professional.  Immediately she and I thought of the ugly box I blogged about in 2009.

Unfortunately I left my ugly box outside and it became extremely unusable so today Dawn & I built a new ugly box.
And she is taking fabulous macro photos!
The above crystal was taken with her camera phone!
 Go Dawn Go!
I took these two photos with my camera.

Have you ever made or used a macro photo box?


Sylvia said…
I guess it is official, you definitely have to come down for a vaca and build me a box! :)
Melly Testa said…
No, but now I want to.

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