Recycled Galoshes

One of my daughters really loves galoshes 
(aka puddle jumpers, rain boots & rubber boots).
Unfortunately these type of boots aren't made for everyday wear and, as we found out this year, crack easily.  And did you know that hot glue and duct tape don't keep the wetness out of these cracks?
Hard to believe but it is true!
We had a hard time throwing out these beautiful boots so we saved them, cut them a bit shorter and used them as planters.
 One pair is at our front door and the other two pair to the side.
I'm excited to see how they look once these Wave Petunia's start flowing over.


Deb in UT said…
I love this idea! Super fun way to reuse/re-purpose. Other types of shoes and boots would work too. Cracks will be great for drainage.
Bev said…
Just too-o-o cute, Lisa.

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