Over the years the birds have enjoyed making nests in the sides of our patio.  I love hearing the babies little voices calling for their parents.  Yesterday I got it into my head to stick my camera in the side and see if I could get a photo of the babies. . .
There are at least three babies in there!
Can you spot them all?
Their beaks are the most visible part of them.
But you can see that they are getting a lot of feathers already.
They are just adorable.
And here are two more from this afternoon:

Can you guess what kind of bird they are?


Martha Ginn said…
What kind of birds, Lisa? They look like they could be Bluejays. I love how their little beady eyes are looking at you when you peek in their box! But they have been taught to hunker down and don't move when the lady gets close. Enjoy their progress!
Martha Ginn

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