Dye Results

Last Month I Dyed with Friends at my quilt guild's dye party and I have finally taken the time to take photos and post the results.
I tried out some basic shibori by wrapping a fat quarter around a stainless steel water bottle and securing it with rubber bands.  The second shibori piece was wrapped around an empty plastic container.
 I thought the blue and yellow would mix more but I guess I didn't put enough dye or get it wet enough?
After doing the ice dyeing and shibori I'm not a big fan of my painted fabric.
These first four Ice Dye Parfait pieces are fat quarters and were in the same parfait.

These two pieces weren't a parfait despite the fact that I marked them that way.  I just remembered that I did them separately to show the difference between using small and large pieces of ice.  The first piece was done with large pieces of ice from my freezer.  The second piece was done with crushed ice purchased from my favorite local hamburger joint.
The large ice gave me larger bits of white, where the smaller ice permeated the fabric more allowing the dye to go everywhere.
I put a piece of fabric under the grate which held the two above pieces and caught some of the dyes.  I hate wasting dye!
Here is a closeup of my favorite part of the catcher fabric:
I really need to go buy more ice!


Martha Ginn said…
Lisa, your dyed pieces are beautiful. . . do you know how you plan to use them yet? Or is the best part the dyeing instead of cutting and sewing them?
Martha Ginn

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