My Little Sweetheart

Often my younger cat, Mister, gets all the hype here on the blog because he is always following me around.  I thought it was time I gave Keiko a little blog time too.

She is a middle aged woman who doesn't like to be bothered with Mister's young adult foolery but when I let her outside she becomes a youngster again.
 She investigates every nook and cranny. . .

 . . .and tries to find the birdys that like to pester her when she is cooped up inside.

What's that?!?
What is making that noise?
It's a hummingbird!!!!
MOMMY!  Get it for me!!!


Martha Ginn said…
Lisa, your Keiko is really beautiful, as you said. She has a certain dignity about her that reminds me of my Bigboy. We are so lucky to have these sweet companions, and I can tell that you talk to your cats just like they were people, too! Well, to us they are family!

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